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"For decades doctors have been feeding my husband pills for his diabetes and he continued to get worse.  We are blessed to have found this office!  What an amazing doctor!!  He took the time to figure out what was actually going on in my husband's body and after only 6 weeks, he has lost 20 lbs and his M.D. took him off all his medications.  He looks great and feels 150% better.  Thank you for giving me my husband back!"

~ Mary B.

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"I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 15 years ago.  My doctor kept upping my dose of medication and when my TSH got into a good range he would say I was doing good.  But I never felt good.  My symptoms never went away and my doctor could never tell me why.  I thank goodness I found this program!  After only a few weeks I'm feeling better than I have in 15 years!  Plus, I'm losing weight like crazy which wasn't the mail goal...but I love it! :) "

~ Stephanie L.


Too many people living with “chronic” diseases such as diabetes and hypothyroidism feel helpless.  They’re told by their doctors that they need to learn to live with it…to “manage” it.  As the years go on they find themselves having to take more and more medications but they are still getting worse with time...not better.

Despite doing everything they’re told, they begin to have complications from the disease or live with the constant fear of complications.  They lose hope.  It can put a strangle hold on a your life… 

What if there was a way to change your current state?  How would it feel to actually be free of the worry and complications?

There is HOPE!   We see people having more energy, regulating blood sugar, losing weight, feeling like themselves again.  We don't do this using the typical medical route of simply medicating the symptoms of the disease.  We look for the underlying issues creating it in the first place and work to restore function in the body.

It's a fresh new approach and it gets RESULTS!

If you want to find out if you're a candidate, give us a call at (480) 544-4545 to see if you qualify for a free consultation with the doctor.  You can also CLICK HERE to request our free diabetes report.