"I took a copy of my new lab work to my primary care doctor to show him the progress I have made with this program.  He was amazed at the drop in my A1c (down 6 points!) since my last visit with him.  He was also thrilled with my cholesterol level too.  He also noticed my drop in weight and told the to keep doing whatever I'm doing."

~ Larry S.

We understand that when we start talking about reversing a disease that most people have been told is not reversible, some people will naturally be skeptical.  So we thought you'd like to hear from a few real people who have been through (or are currently in) the program and see what they have to say.

"At the time I started this program my A1c was 8.2.  After 5 months I was diabetes-free!  Now, 9 months later, I'm still diabetes-free and I'm off all medications.  This system works.  I strongly recommend it."

~ Robert T.

Honestly...we could fill pages with success stories just like these.  We've helped countless diabetics walk away from the disease, but what really matter to you is whether or not it would work for YOU, right?  If you'd like to find out if you're a candidate for our program, give our office a call at (480) 544-4545 and see if you qualify for a free consultation with the doctor.

If you're not quite ready for that and would just like some more information feel free to CLICK HERE to request our free report.

"When I first saw the ad about reversing diabetes, my first thought was "scam."  At the time my A1c was 9.4 and I knew I had to do something because my medications weren't working for me.  Iw as just taking more and more of them but still getting worse.  So I decided to go talk to the doctor.  He was very kind and caring and extremely knowledgeable and I was amazed that he took the time to explain everything to me like no doctor has ever taken the time to do.  After only a couple months my A1c went down by 3 points and I couldn't be happier.  No medication I've ever taken has lowered my glucose and A1c that effectively.  In fact, my MD reduced my meds in the 1st month and the A1c STILL dropped by 3 points.  I'm excited to see what happens over the next couple months!"

~ Carolyn M.

I didn’t believe that I would live long enough to make it to retirement, let alone my grandchildren’s wedding.  I was physically and mentally exhausted and there was little joy in everyday life.  My future seemed extremely gloomy.  I kept being told that there was no cure for my Diabetes, and that my Diabetes was being caused strictly because of my weight.  As a result of this program, my blood pressure became normal, my blood sugar numbers are now averaged at normal, and my physical and mental fatigue are gone!  If I were any better, I’d be 16, reverse those numbers and you have my age!  The confidence of the doctor was soothing and his genuine concern was wonderful, he educated me every step of the way. 
~ Josie S

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